Get more deals from your Zillow, Trulia & leads.

Conversations™ gives real estate agents the data-fueled automation they need to convert more leads into client opportunities.

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Rapid Reply for New Leads

No lead left behind! Conversations™ follows up with every new lead generated within 5 minutes of the initial inquiry to meet the expectations of today's online home shoppers. Every message is optimized to be relevant to the specific inquiry and generate the highest level of engagement.

Optimized, Ongoing Follow-up to Every Lead

Follow ups don't end with the initial reply. In fact, that's just the beginning for Conversations™. We follow up with aged leads on your behalf when the time is right.

Data Enriched Communication

Our messages are intelligently optimized for engagement. By leveraging data from a variety of sources, we're able to provide relevant insights to your leads that generate valuable replies and build agent trust.

Lead Routing for Teams

Have a team of 5? 10? More? Worry not. The Conversations™ system was built with you in mind. Seamlessly route leads to the appropriate person to keep your team running like a well oiled machine.

View Full Email Conversation Streams

Conversations™ both captures and records email conversations between you and your leads in an easy-to-use application. Quickly filter through the insights that triggered automated messages, the replies that may warrant additional follow up, and the full conversations to remind you of prior interaction.

The automated initial outreach is a true game-changer. You have 5 minutes to respond, that's my rule, otherwise your lead will be on to the next agent. Zurple is saving us.

Leo Gonzalez San Diego, CA

Conversations has allowed my team and I to focus on what matters, and that's providing the best possible transaction experience to our clients without worrying about where the next opportunity will come from.

Mary Jo Morgan Coronado, CA

As a result of Zurple's follow ups I have been able to grow my business into a business of three agents, working off of my lead referrals.

Anthony Butera Rochester, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

DRIP email programs send the same message to all leads. With Conversations, messages are one-to-one targeted to each unique lead. For example, if the property the lead inquired about has a price reduction, we will follow-up with the lead to share that information.
With Conversations, every message varies as a function of each unique situation. For example, we will ask a lead if they would like to schedule a showing when they inquire about a property that is actively for sale in the MLS. As you can see, it would be inappropriate to send that same message in all cases - like when a property is in pre-foreclosure status and cannot be shown.
Absolutely! Our messages are designed to support you, not replace you. Responsiveness drives agent selection. If you call and email in the first five minutes following a new lead inquiry, you are being very responsive and should expect to convert a high percentage of leads.
Yes. You can forward any new lead notifications to an email address that we provide and, in the process, each will be seamlessly imported into Conversations.
Not at this time. Our marketing analytics team optimizes messages for reply rate and reply quality. We test new segments, subject lines, questions to ask, etc. on a regular basis. By testing and optimizing, we produce messages that are more successful than agents could do on their own without a dedicated marketing analytics team. That said, we love feedback! Some of our most successful messages have come from customer ideas.
Frequency varies based on data intelligence, but you can expect that each lead will receive between 1 and 3 messages per month until they are converted into an active client opportunity. Emails to leads continue indefinitely until you turn them off.
Conversations™ works exclusively with Zillow and Trulia leads today. However, we do expect to add other sources soon. If you have a request regarding lead source, please let us know!
Yes. You can have your leads imported automatically into Conversations and another CRM.

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